Anjalika Nande

Postdoc, Johns Hopkins University

anande91 [AT], anande1 [AT]


I'm a Postdoctoral Fellow at Johns Hopkins University Institute for Computational Medicine mainly working with Dr. Alison L. Hill on various aspects of infectious disease modeling. My research interests broadly include understanding the spread of infections both within individual hosts and across populations (including on complex networks), anti-viral immune responses, viral drug resistance as well as predicting the effects of non-pharmaceutical interventions. I am also collaborating with Dr. Mauricio Santillana's group at Northeastern University to develop disease forecasting methods using novel data sources.

I got my PhD in theoretical physics from Harvard University in May 2021 supervised by Dr. Alison L. Hill. My thesis focused on understanding the evolution of drug resistance in fluctuating environments and understanding the role played by the structure of human contact networks on the spread of SARS-CoV-2. During my PhD I also gained some background in evolutionary game theory and worked on creating the package DyPy , which is a Python library for simulating the evolutionary dynamics of matrix-form games. My undergraduate education was done at the University of Birmingham, UK where I received an MSci in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics.



Quantifying individual-level heterogeneity in infectiousness and susceptibility through household studies

Thayer L Anderson, Anjalika Nande, Carter Merenstein, Brinkley Raynor, Anisha Oommen, Brendan J Kelly, Michael Z Levy, Alison L Hill

medRxiv, 2022

The risk of drug resistance during long-acting antimicrobial therapy

Anjalika Nande, Alison L Hill

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A systematic review of COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 infection and disease.

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Open Forum Infectious Diseases, 2022

Bottlenecks, Modularity, and the Neural Control of Behavior

Anjalika Nande, Veronika Dubinkina, Riccardo Ravasio, Grace Zhang, Gordan J Berman

Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 2022

The effect of eviction moratoria on the transmission of SARS-CoV-2

Anjalika Nande, Justin Sheen, Emma L Walters, Brennan Klein, Matteo Chinazzi, Andrei H Gheorghe, Ben Adlam, Julianna Shinnick, Maria Florencia Tejeda, Samuel V Scarpino, Alessandro Vespignani, Andrew J Greenlee, Daniel Schneider, Michael Z Levy, Alison L Hill

Nature Communications, 2021

Dynamics of COVID-19 under social distancing measures are driven by transmission network structure

Anjalika Nande, Ben Adlam, Justin Sheen, Michael Z Levy, Alison L Hill

PLoS Computational Biology, 2021

Crowding and the shape of COVID-19 epidemics

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DyPy: A Python Library for Simulating Matrix-Form Games

Anjalika Nande, Andrew Ferdowsian, Eric Lubin, Erez Yoeli, Martin Nowak

arXiv, 2020

Soft factorization in QED from 2D Kac-Moody symmetry

Anjalika Nande, Monica Pate, Andrew Strominger

Journal of High Energy Physics, 2018


Full CV is available here.